Our History

Resource Recyclers LLC was founded on the simple idea that we can make a difference to the environment, save companies money and still make a profit.

The President and founder Mark C. Johnson, retired from the Fire Department as a Battalion Chief after 26 years of service and during his years there, worked to mitigate hazardous materials spills and other environmental concerns. During this time he saw first hand the damage that it could do to the environment and decided to make a difference. His vision was to make a difference by Recycling Electronic Waste and other items that companies needed to get rid of, but were paying exorbitant prices to do so.

We are an E-Waste Removal & Clean-Out Service that specializes in Commercial and Industrial Properties. We charge No Fee – 100% Free, to clean out your business or building of such items as any and all E-Waste Products, computers, monitors, copiers, crinters, servers, phone systems, and more.

In addition to E-Waste, we will also haul away any other unwanted items that you may have. All of which can be in working or non working condition. See a complete list of our accepted items

What we do with the Computer Hard Drives is whatever your companies policy is on disposal of said items, anything from taking them out and returning them to the client, to a DOD Level 7 Wipe or even shredding the Hard Drives. We work diligently with our clients to ensure that their data is taken care of in the manner in which they specify for us to accomplish this task.

Companies also want to know why we are FREE… The answer is that we can find outlets for the unwanted items that we remove from your premises, in doing so we are able to get them back into the marketplace and make a profit at the same time. We do not feel that you should have to pay someone to remove your items and then have them make even more money selling them, plus we can help our clients reduce their operating expenses.

ReNew – ReUse – ReCycle

We Are Making The Planet Greener – One Item At A Time

We give you the piece of mind that your items will be recycled back in a responsible and environmentally friendly way. Most of the items we receive are placed back into the market place, others are recycled back into their basic components. Our goal as a company is place as little as possible of our precious resources into landfills, won’t you help us to help the environment?